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How Chile Clients Get Over $100,000 Revenue with Sinorides Octopus Rides

Octopus Ride for sale, a classic family rides to most amusement park.

But what if we design it for better experience?

For Chile Clients Jose, he owns an outside park providing amusement rides to people, Octopus Rides have given his park revenue-generating superpowers.

But why use octopus rides?

Jose knew two things:
  1. Many visitors were leaving their park without riding extreme rides
  2. Some people need only a rotative park rides to get a light thrilling experience
Jose idea: What if I provide a park rides with thrilling features but not extreme?

How did Jose do it?

The actual execution was easy: Sinorides design a rotary octopus rides that could hold 36 people at the same time. 

What was the result? 

Sinorides played a key part in my amusement rides optimization and installation. This has contributed to over $100,000 dollars in ticket purchases.
Owner at Chile Park

Yes, they made $100,000 USD in revenue. With a tailored octopus rides.