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How Iraq Client Doubled Ticket Sales with Sinorides Amusement Rides

For most entertainment business, getting customers to enter the park and buy tickets is the ultimate goal. 

This client seek mechanical rides for sale to attract local residents to pay for the tickets. 

In the Baghdad area, this client’s amusement park is owned and operated as a family business – with a small budget.

Although they do get a cut of the ticket sales that come through their online channels, their primary goal is getting people’s actual feet in the literal door.

"We’re getting 200% sales increase per month as a result of using Sinorides Amusement Rides."

Ricktol, the Director of Baghdad Carnival Park, has done just that. He installed Disco Tagada and Ferris Wheel Ring Car to gain more visitors. 

Disco Tagada allow you to show thrilling experience with music to people at the beginning time, making them less likely to leave your park without having a try.
By implementing Ferris Wheel Ring Car into his park, Ricktol isn’t just bringing in new leads, he’s actually turning park visitors into paying users.