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Sinorides Amusement Rides Project in Uzbekistan

Sinorides helps Uzbekistan Client drive park revenues worth over $30M+.

This client's park located in the outdoor center of Uzbekistan and he bought kiddie rides for sale from local market.

It also attracts over 10 million unique visitors every month, with over 1 million visitors all around the world.

Is cheaper always better?

"We used to have a lot of cheaper equipment from small factory It was a slow and painful investment, from design to the purchasing and then actually waiting for it to be delivered and installed… It was a massive issue.
Manager of Uzbekistan Park 

In this case, no. Cheaper definitely isn’t better, especially when it comes to your cost before opening of park . So how did Sinorides fix it?

Introducing: Self-control Plane Rides

Self-control Plane Rides was a new product featuring some pretty cool technology, so Saydavitov and his team naturally wanted to try it. 

Actually Saydavitov's park is filled with thrill rides and small kids rides. It attracts many adults and kids coming to play but not so good for teenagers to experience light extreme with minimum thrilling features.

Saydavitov's park revenues rocket twice than normal after the Self-control Plane Rides open.

"Before Sinorides, we simply directed kids to our kiddie carousel rides, and that’s pretty pity to just see that teenagers go away without consuming."

We totally agree. Which is why it made us really happy when Saydavitov decided to use Sinorides to design and install family rides specific to teenagers and parents, because it brings hugh return to park owners.