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How to manage theme park staff

You might bought kiddie carousel for sale to develop park business.

The management of the amusement park has always been a headache for many bosses and store managers.

Here is the question:

How could you manage well of your staffs in daily operations?

Here we list 3 tips to help you.

Here we go.

1. New employees need training


As for the new staff,  first, they lack relevant knowledge and not sensitive to the park operation.

They are esay to make things wrong.

So you need to train them and let new employees have a basic understanding of the park business.

2. Make poll opinion of staff

Here is the deal:

The most taboo in the opening of the park is the intrigue of the grassroots management, the gangs, the unfair and reasonable things.

So how to choose and affirm a good grassroots management, and strictly require them to do things fair and just, is an important part of the park to retain employees.

You could make poll opinion of staff to know how they think about your park management.

3. Establishing an old employee photo wall


Old employees are the wealth of the park.

Old employees are often free advertisements for the park.

You could display image of an old employee in a prominent position in the park.

In this way, the photos of the old employees are released, the stories of the old employees are recorded.

And the new employees can look at it and love to grow with your park each other.


Staff is the main resource of your park operation.

You need to improve their Sense of belonging to your park.