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How to use trial open park rides business to sell more in 2019

You are here cause you want to get more clients for your park rides.

The fact is:

Most people seek kiddie carousel for sale and install it then open their park.

So what's the problem?

You might have guessed it, they do not have trial open to see if there is any chance to improve.

And here we list 3 tips to help you sell more revenues with trial open.

Here we go.

1. Listen carefully to customer feedback


One of the most useful fact is:

You could look at if the market and customers are satisfied with us or not.

What's more:

You could improve your running method based on these feedback.

2. Resolve problems in time

Here is the deal:

Various problems could happen due to imperfect system and unskilled employees during the period of trial open.

Don't be too responsible for the incident.

What you should do is trying to make up and improve it.

Again, the ideal time for trial open is 8-15 days.

It is not recommend to use many days for trial open as it will cut your energy and time.

3. Do preheating

This might sounds weird.

But stay with me.

Preheating of your trial open could let more people engage with your amusement park rides.

More people means more potential clients.

So you should try to promote your park in every possible ways to attract more visitors.


The trial open is actually a way of promoting for the park rides.

You could do it better with these tips.