Brand Name: Sinorides Type: kiddie rides
      Capacity: 2p Size:
      Space area: Voltage: 380V
      Power: Speed:
      Material: Customize:


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    Product Details

    Laser Bumper Car is a new kind of bumper cars for amusement rides, and it adopts dc-motor driving. There is rubber around the car, then it can reduce the force of percussion when two cars crash into each other. It has the once shaping technique with environmental fiberglass. All the the surface of iron parts are stoving varnish or electrostatic spray. In addition, it also has good acoustics, lights, locate and timing function. 
    鈻1.Laser Bumper Car uses the molding of cartoons, which can be more attractive to children. Driving a car can help the brain practice special memory and directions. 
    鈻2.Whether adults or children can play with it, and the bumper car ride is more interactive.  

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