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3 amusement rides that is suitable for the mall

Now children's playground is common in the mall, if you have wondered: which type of amusement park rides to place in the mall?
Well, today we’ll recommend 3 amusement rides that is suitable for the mall.
 Ladybird ride is the emerging kids ride in recent years with small space, easy disassembly and mobility. 
Ladybird ride is Consist of a large mushroom and four little ladybugs. When running the child sitting on the ladybug with the ups and downs around the middle of the big mushroom rotation. 
The lights is very beautiful and could attract children to play.
Merry-go-round is the enduring children's play equipment, coupled with comfortable music, placed in the mall is definitely the focus of attention.
Although the carousel has a long history, but the manufacturers in the development of new styles to meet the needs of the market and changes every year.
Convoy Race is a kind of amusement rides that runs on an interchange track. 
By the shape of exquisite, different styles of sports car composed of the mighty team and runs along the track direction in the shuttle on the vertical track.
Mini shuttle track is decorated with colorful lights, sound and children's cartoon.
Let the children feel the mountains and the feeling of leaping time and space, enough to stimulate and no panic, people immersive, pleasing to the eye, loved by children.
Convoy Race is Suitable for the first floor of the mall with more people and larger space.

That's the 3 amusement rides that is suitable for the mall and If you are interested in Amusement rides, carnival rides please visit our website(www.amusementparkridesforsale.com) for more information.