Brand Name: Sinorides Type: children rides
      Capacity: Size: L9xW5xH2.7M
      Space area: 9x5M Voltage: 380V
      Power: 35KW Speed: Adjustable
      Material: FRP&Galvanized Steel Customize: Yes


    Product Details

    Electric kids mini flying car is also called rally car or mini car, new amusement rides mini flying car is very popular among the world, not only children like it, but also adults like it. The amusement ride mini flying car not only can rise and fall on the track, but also can rotate itself, we feel like driving the car in the sea among the sea wave.The 360 degree Crazy flying car ride is electric powered amusement roller coaster equipment. The cars sliding along the bend track. Passengers can bidirectional drive the car and keep the flying car in a height. And then cut the power to stop the car. By self controlled , accelerate go up and then slide down because of gravity. Passengers feel surf on the sea, it is exciting, thrilling and happy.

    Mini flying car is a popular amusement rides,which deeply loved by kids. Mini flying car is similar to UFO, it has 9m length track, and there is one car (or disc with wheels) running on the track. When the car run on the track, it can rotate clockwise or anticlockwise, people who sit in the car will feel excited and fun. our mini flying car has beautiful  color and?new fashion design, it has pop music and LED lights, people will enjoy their comfortable and exciting rides experience if they have a try .

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