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Sinorides new Disco Tagada was finished and transported to Sri Lanka

At the At the beginning of the 2016 year, a new Disco Tagada was finished and transported  to Sri Lanka from Henan Swonder Amusement Co.,Ltd. China.

Disco Tagada is also called Disco Turntable which is one classic and fashion amusement rides equipment,
this amusement rides is attracted by young people and adults.
The capacity of Tagada Disco has 20/24/40 seats, and the appearance color of Tagada can be customized as customers' needs. Easy to install, 12 months guarantee, and excellent after-sales service are good for your choice.

Disco Tagada goes up and down suddenly in operation, which just as if the ocean rises up and down and the
space flying saucer is changeful, fast and slow. Meanwhile, with the strong shock of disco music beats, passengers will feel they are just like a dancing note!