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Pay Attention to See Tips!

Jellyfish Rides

        Each amusement equipment has a signboard, and there are some tips on it. Before taking the equipment, what do we should pay attention as for the signboard? What are the tips on the equipment?
1. Before taking the amusement equipment, please look for the "safety inspection mark" printed by the State Administration of Quality Supervision;
2. Please read the "Passenger Notice" and the "Warning Card" to understand the safety precautions when riding;
3. When the amusement equipment is running, do not put any part of the body out of the equipment’s cabin; do not even untie the seat belt, or open the safety bar;
4. If you are riding on the rotating or rolling type of amusement equipment, be sure to leave your glasses, cell phones, handbags, keys and other easy to drop items to be kept by the park’s staff, do not take them into the rides;
5. In the event of an accident during the operation, do not panic or get scared; sit on the original position waiting for the staff’s rescue; do not to unlock the seat belt, or open the safety bar by yourself.
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