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Maintenance of Major Amusement Equipment

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       Now there are a lot of major amusement equipment, and these equipment needs to be kept. Then, what are the maintenance methods?
     First, maintenance work of major amusement equipment is carried out by major amusement maintenance units which own corresponding qualification or major amusement equipment users.
      Second, the maintenance of major amusement equipment does not allow any form of subcontracting.
   Third, major amusement equipment safety management personnel and maintenance staff should be in accordance with relevant national regulations, and pass the examination held by the special equipment safety supervision and management departments and obtain the national special operations personnel certificate before engaging in the appropriate operations or management.
    Fourth, in the large-scale play equipment maintenance work, the site staff cannot be less than two; work should be implemented on-site security measures.
     Fifth, the service life of major amusement equipment shall not be higher than the relevant national regulations or the usage life specified in the design review report. Major amusement equipment beyond the life requirements should be updated, or find qualified units to transform the equipment, then they can put into use after passing the inspection.
      The final one is that the maintenance should be recorded and signed by the relevant personnel.
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