Brand Name: Sinorides Type: Thrill Rides
      Capacity: 12P Size: Dia10m
      Space area: 12x6m Voltage: 380V
      Power: 14KW Speed: Adjustable
      Material: FRP&Galvanized Steel Customize: Yes


    Product Details

    鈻篎erris Wheel Ring is a large Amusement Rides Equipment. As such a thrilling and interesting amusement ride, it is widely used in amusement park, theme park, outdoor playground, funfair, etc. Players will experience thrilling, exciting ,quick and rotary speed.

    鈻篢he material is the best quality Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP) & Thick Steel to ensure long service life. The Wheel Ring Car has 2 rings, and 6 seats for every ring, 12 seats in total. Each ring of the Wheel Ring Car can work singly in clockwise or anticlockwise direction and rotate at 360 angle.

    鈻篜rofessional design, factory price, standard package, fast delivery and excellent service are good for your choice.

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