Brand Name: Sinorides Type: Family Rides
      Capacity: 16P Size: Dia8mxH4.5m
      Space area: 10*10m Voltage: 380V
      Power: 6KW Speed: 4-8rmp
      Material: FRP&Galvanized Steel Customize: Yes


    Product Details

    鈻篐appy Honeybee amusement park ride is the most classic and successful self-control ride for kids and family. The giant and cute honeybee stands on the top of the central pillar. There are 8 arms radiating from the pillar, and at the end of each arm is a cabin of honeybee shape, seating 2 kids side by side.

    鈻篧hen the operator pushes the start button, 8 honeybee cabins begin to spin with rotation of the central pillar. Passengers can independently control the movements of each bee cabin. Each cabin starts up and down with the pillar rotating continually. The charming theme and self-control feature of this equipment must attract a majority of kids in amusement parks.

    鈻篠inorides Self-control family rides are of different kinds for your reference. Self-control plane rides, Swing elephant rides, Carnival bike amusement rides, Modern times rides, etc. 

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