Brand Name: Sinorides Type: Family Rides
      Capacity: 16P Size: Dia10mxH6m
      Space area: 11x11m Voltage: 380V
      Power: 3KW Speed: 4rmp
      Material: FRP&Galvanized Steel Customize: Yes


    Product Details

    鈻篈musement carnival bike ride is a medium-sized mechanical amusement park ride with good quality and price, gained more compliment from our customers by its modern appearance and functional movement-“physical exercise”.

    鈻篊arnival bike ride belongs to the type of self-control Rotating amusement rides, accompanied with Self-control plane ride, Rotating Honeybee ride, etc. Carnival bike cabin is equipped with a bicycle pedal inside not a button to control the ups and downs.

    鈻篧hen the ride is operated, tourists can also like riding a bicycle on the pedal together with the coaster rotation, lifting, fitness.

    鈻篒t is a family entertainment ride that both fitness and recreational, which deeply attractive majority of customers.

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